ROAM Treasure Trove

ROAM treasure trove

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (for a couple of years) about starting a pop-up boutique to sell vintage clothing, housewares, accessories and jewelry. I was excited about the idea and had so many thoughts rushing through my head about it. But one thing was holding me back. I didn’t want to do it alone. I pushed fear aside and decided to go for it- all by myself! It would be called “Rosa’s Picks”. In that same week, through having made that decision, I started telling people about my plan. Low and behold, a partner surfaced!! A fellow jewelry artist, and friend of mine, Sherri O’Neil, had been struggling with the same dilemma of not wanting to go it alone. So we’ve teamed up to create ROAM Treasure Trove. Our first pop-up stop is a fabulous little boutique. It is called Urban Gypsies, and it’s in Sedona, Arizona. We will be opening our doors- or should I say curtains?- on Saturday, June 20th. If you are in the area, stop by and see what treasures we have to offer!

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4 UP 3 DOWN by James Neil Hollingsworth

Tarnished silver is a big favorite of mine! The painter really captured the various hues that a good old spoon can get! And am loving the composition!

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1955 FORD TRUCK by Claudia Hammer

LONELY AT THE TOP by Michael Naples

Both of my Picks today have sort of a sweet, vintage feel to them. I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday!!


Also, just wanted to let you know that Carol Nelson and S.P. Goodman have workshops offered right now! Check them out!

Three for Friday!!

Condiments byJames Neil Hollingsworth

Applesauce by Jacqueline Gnott

Three Amigos by Vic Vicini

I would looove to have these three paintings in my kitchen! It’s almost as if these artists got together to paint just what I would want- on the same day! Aren’t they fabulous paintings?! And do you agree? They go so well together!

On another note…

It’s family reunion time! I’ve been spending some time with family that last couple of days and I’m off to a reunion dinner now.

STANDSTILL by Karen Jurick

Another great painting by Karen Jurick. I’m so intrigued when she paints people in the museum! Apparently I’ve chosen two others of hers in this same series. What can I say, at least I’m consistent!

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IN MY SIGHT by Claudia Hammer


I always wanted a Polaroid camera! The instant gratification of being able to see the photo right away was so exciting! I know we get that all the time now with digital, but somehow it just isn’t the same. I don’t know about you, but I end up taking about a hundred times more photos than I would have with film. And then I’m overwhelmed with the number of photos so I just upload them to a computer folder and go take more photos! I don’t even print them and enjoy them anymore! Am I the only one with this problem??

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I’m loving the composition of this painting! It reminds me of Norman Rockwell but with a contemporary twist! And can I please have that adorable vintage scale that is all chipped up!?

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