1955 FORD TRUCK by Claudia Hammer

LONELY AT THE TOP by Michael Naples

Both of my Picks today have sort of a sweet, vintage feel to them. I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday!!


Also, just wanted to let you know that Carol Nelson and S.P. Goodman have workshops offered right now! Check them out!


STANDSTILL by Karen Jurick

Another great painting by Karen Jurick. I’m so intrigued when she paints people in the museum! Apparently I’ve chosen two others of hers in this same series. What can I say, at least I’m consistent!

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OLD GREEN GARDEN DOOR by Justin Clements

I can imagine that this scene is in the south of France or Italian countryside! It speaks of ancient beauty to me. The colors really lent themselves to looking somehow fresh and lovely while the creamy grays of the building make me think that this building has been around a long, long time!

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We have a tie!! YALE LOCK by Raymond Logan aaaand CRACKED AND READY by Michael Naples

I couldn’t resist this lock. Not only because I chose a key a couple of days ago and it was so fitting- no pun intended- but because the paint is so amazing! All of those colors that Raymond used to make up the would-be ‘flat’ areas give such depth!

And the eggs… What a sweet composition! And so delicately painted, I could reach out and just crush those eggshells in my hand. I can even see the thin membrane on the inside of the eggs. Wonderful!

And so, today we have a tie. These are both great painters whose work I’ve chosen as a favorite before. They certainly did not disappoint today! (Not that they ever do, mind you)

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