Growing Up With Art

Having searched for the photos below… I have to say that a nursery must be the most difficult (but potentially most fun) room in the house to decorate!! I wonder why more people don’t decorate the baby’s room with paintings.

Classically, baby showers are filled with the oohs and aaahs of sweet baby blankies and nursery must haves. Why not be the one to give the only gift that baby will never outgrow? Does baby cakes really need Another onesie??

So, next time you’re invited to a baby shower, or your little neice has a birthday, think about giving the gift of art! I know I will!!

I’ve put together some rooms below with paintings that I would like to see in them.





As time goes on,  you can add your child’s own art to their collection! And if you feel like you’re on a budget, you can go to the art supply store and buy those little snap together frames for about $4!! It will lend a really professional look to the work of your young artist! Or you can do like I would and hit the flea market or thrift stores… If you paint all the frames the same color it can give cohesion.

Don’t you agree, it’s important for children to grow up with art?


8 thoughts on “Growing Up With Art

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  2. As I recall, nurseries with bright bold primary colors ~ red, blue, and yellow ~ are the most beneficial for babies.

    Also contrasting Black and White Stripes (like zebras!)

    If so, from a baby’s perspective, that top nursery is an unstimulating snooze fest. {{yawn}} 😀

  3. Interesting, since pastels seem to be ‘baby colors’ of choice for most people! I certainly wouldn’t mind having some zebra stripes in an elegant nursery, but I’m not crazy about decorating with bright colors… sorry future baby!

  4. My friend hung vintage paintings in her daughters room. One was of a woman playing a string instrument and her daughter loved looking at the painting. I think the image kept her company and helped soothed her to sleep. She would tell little stories to herself out loud based on the figure in the painting.

  5. Wow great idea and I like your choices! I hang lots of art in my children’s rooms (mainly vintage finds from flea markets but art is art is art right?!) I really want to start framing their art too. I actually have a suitcase full and you have reminded me that this is what I should be doing – just buying those cheap little frames! Thanks Rosa – will be following along here!

  6. The picture of the twin beds is so pretty. Brings back memories of old fashion ways. I will always think they are the best. The softness makes it a good way for relaxing.

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