Art in Life

As someone who sells art for a living, and as an art collector myself, I love to see beautiful rooms filled with art! I follow several amazing design blogs and almost regardless of what paintings are hanging on any given wall on any given day, I think about what paintings I’ve seen recently that I personally would like to see in those spaces. So, just for fun, I’ve decided to start an extra page on this blog dedicated to this notion. I will post the images as I put them together and I hope you enjoy them!

I look forward to hearing any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions you may have on this new project!

Click Here to see Shabby Chic!

Click Here to see Growing Up With Art!


6 thoughts on “Art in Life

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  2. I’ll be very interested in seeing where this page heads. I’ve just discovered the artist in myself (in terms of actual visual arts, I’ve always been an artist in other ways) so I’m interested in learning more.

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