Eiffel Tower Pendant #prayforparis

Eiffel Tower PendantBrand new Eiffel Tower necklace! Show your love of Paris every day with this sweet handmade, sterling silver Eiffel Tower necklace. I may be in the forest of Northern Arizona, but my heart is always in Paris!
In light of recent tragedies, proceeds of sales for this piece will be donated to Croix-Rouge française – the French Red Cross- through March 2016.


Today’s post from A Farnsworth A Day – a FREE ebook!!

“announcement, book, ebook, iBooks, iPhone Photography, iPhoneography, iPhonography, photographyeBOOK ANNOUNCEMENT November 28, 2015

free ebookHere it is. My first eBook. And it’s yours. Free. Can’t beat that price. And if you are a photographer, graphic artist or designer you might find it interesting, and/or informative. On the other hand, if you just like looking at pictures, you might enjoy a peek behind the scenes in a photograph’s development. Or maybe you will simply enjoy seeing me at play. Did I mention it’s free? You can get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-life-of-a-photograph/id1063002212?mt=13 If it looks familiar, that’s because I based it on a series of past blog posts. I updated it, changed it some, and expanded it. So, it contains new and better information, and it\’s in a much more accessible form. It’s free. You don’t have to sign up for anything. No strings. My gift to you, my greatly appreciated followers, and to the rest of the world as well.This, my third book, is but the beginning. The flood gates are open. KACHINAS, my first, is doing well on Blurb, and I\’ll be shopping it to stores as soon as I start my winter travels. CAR PARTS, featuring colorful iPhotos taken at car shows, will be available on Blurb, soon. Many more are planned, some already in the works. Hard cover, soft cover, ebooks and downloadable pdf files.Self publishing has definitely been more of a learning curve than I expected. But I am loving it.Meanwhile, Thea and I have been busy backing up afarnsworthaday, and and picking some favorite paintings for a book, as well as for a series of books based on each of the various subjects of those daily paintings. Other anticipated books will cover street photography, iPhoneography, creative photography, and how-to books on both painting and photography. Travel, too!We (mainly Thea) have also been working on putting together a show of small paintings for Sorrel Sky Gallery in March. We will keep you posted.Once again, you can get The Life of a Photograph here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-life-of-a-photograph/id1063002212?mt=13 And it\’s free!Hasta mañana.”


These ‪#‎hoopearrings‬ are great for everyday or when you want to dress up! Available in sterling ‪#‎silver‬ or ancient ‪#‎bronze‬ with a white freshwater ‪#‎pearl‬.
Find them here: http://rosakilgore.com/p…/rustic-hoop-earrings-w-white-pearl

hoop earrings with pearl

ROAM Treasure Trove

ROAM treasure trove

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (for a couple of years) about starting a pop-up boutique to sell vintage clothing, housewares, accessories and jewelry. I was excited about the idea and had so many thoughts rushing through my head about it. But one thing was holding me back. I didn’t want to do it alone. I pushed fear aside and decided to go for it- all by myself! It would be called “Rosa’s Picks”. In that same week, through having made that decision, I started telling people about my plan. Low and behold, a partner surfaced!! A fellow jewelry artist, and friend of mine, Sherri O’Neil, had been struggling with the same dilemma of not wanting to go it alone. So we’ve teamed up to create ROAM Treasure Trove. Our first pop-up stop is a fabulous little boutique. It is called Urban Gypsies, and it’s in Sedona, Arizona. We will be opening our doors- or should I say curtains?- on Saturday, June 20th. If you are in the area, stop by and see what treasures we have to offer!

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Another great watercolor demo!


Well, gang, I finally have Watercolor Demo No.2 ready for your viewing pleasure. It was filmed last fall, on my iPhone 4s, using Filmic Pro, and edited in iMovie on my iPad Air, over the past couple of days. And nights.

I know one thing. The more I watch it, the more inspired I become to once again get some watercolor flowing. I hope it will have the same effect on some of you!

If you don’t paint, but enjoy looking at or collecting watercolors, I hope you will find this glimpse into the making of a watercolor interesting and informative.

So, here goes…

It’s really not all that difficult to put together a demo like this. I had to relearn the editing part and learn how to find and add music to the sound track. That slowed me down, of course, but the real problems were caused by the…

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