IN MY SIGHT by Claudia Hammer


I always wanted a Polaroid camera! The instant gratification of being able to see the photo right away was so exciting! I know we get that all the time now with digital, but somehow it just isn’t the same. I don’t know about you, but I end up taking about a hundred times more photos than I would have with film. And then I’m overwhelmed with the number of photos so I just upload them to a computer folder and go take more photos! I don’t even print them and enjoy them anymore! Am I the only one with this problem??

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3 thoughts on “IN MY SIGHT by Claudia Hammer

  1. Great pic!

    I wanted a Swinger:

    Meet the Swinger. The Poloroid Swinger. Meet the Swinger. The Poloroid Swinger.
    It’s more than a camera. It’s almost alive. It’s only nineteen dollars and ninety-five.
    Swing it up. It says yes. Take the shot. Count it down. Zip it off.

    I do take many more photos these days. I upload them to a dated file. Then I pick the cream of the crop to edit, print, and put in the photo album or send to others.

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