I’m loving the composition of this painting! It reminds me of Norman Rockwell but with a contemporary twist! And can I please have that adorable vintage scale that is all chipped up!?

To see more of Mike’s work, go to http://pastelsbeeman.blogspot.com/


So many Favorites today! Yikes!

Some days, one painting really stands out to me and makes me gasp when I see it. Other days, it is not so easy. Boy, I am having the hardest time choosing today! There were so many great ones… I’m going to cheat. Absolutely. I have no one ‘favorite’ today. I have several! And here they are, in no particular order…

Emerald Sunset Study by  Laurel Daniel

The colors in this sunset painting are amazing! Such a soft, feminine painting! I would love to own this one, Laurel…


King Street Shops, Toronto by Catherine Jeffrey

I can feel the cold, wet air in this painting. The reflection on the wet sidewalk is so well done…

Sammy by Mike Beeman

What a charming rooster! I can practically hear him singing as he skips along! Mike, you really captured his movement!

Apocalypse Now by Kimberly Applegate

This fire is burning hot! And the reflection is absolutely wonderful…