ANTIQUE SODA CAP by Michael Naples

The other day, a wonderful blog that I follow, called Do What You Love For Life, posted a photography tip. The tip was called “Rule of Thirds (the classic!)” It brought the rule of thirds to my attention and I am totally seeing it at work here! Apparently it works well for painting, too. I just think this is a wonderful composition!! And I thought this charming painting followed nicely on the heels of yesterday’s post. Just look at those wonderful ‘scars’ on the old soda crate!

To see more of Michael’s paintings, go to


And as an update to that gorgeous painting, The Visitor, on my Mega Post from the other day, I made a butterfly friend of my own last night!!

(Do you think I got carried away with the photo apps?!)




1955 FORD TRUCK by Claudia Hammer

LONELY AT THE TOP by Michael Naples

Both of my Picks today have sort of a sweet, vintage feel to them. I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday!!


Also, just wanted to let you know that Carol Nelson and S.P. Goodman have workshops offered right now! Check them out!

ANTIQUE VIEW by Michael Naples

I love just about anything if it’s old and chipped! And Michael did a wonderful job capturing the patina on the can and the chipped paint on this old window. This painting would look sooo good in my house!

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A Farnsworth A Day is giving away a package of Farnsworth Notecards (similar to the ones in my giveaway!) for every bidder in July!!! That’s a pretty sweet deal! Check out for details.


And Don Gray had this video on his blog today… totally worth the 1 minute and 33 seconds it will take out of your busy day to watch it!!

ALICIA by Mary Maxam and APPLE WITH LEAVES by Michael Naples

Today, I am feeling soothed by these soft and lovely colors. Apparently Mary used an old technique called open grisaille to achieve this effect. Read more about it on her blog,

And as you may know, apples are my favorite fruit… and this one is perfection!! Man, I bet if I bit into it, it would be just as crisp as it looks! For more paintings from Michael, go to

Ps. James Coulter has posted another Great truck today!!

OVER THE TOP by Michael Naples

The composition of this painting is so unusual! I love the light streaming in so brightly, and that pinky hue at the top. You think this pear is ripe to eat??

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We have a tie!! YALE LOCK by Raymond Logan aaaand CRACKED AND READY by Michael Naples

I couldn’t resist this lock. Not only because I chose a key a couple of days ago and it was so fitting- no pun intended- but because the paint is so amazing! All of those colors that Raymond used to make up the would-be ‘flat’ areas give such depth!

And the eggs… What a sweet composition! And so delicately painted, I could reach out and just crush those eggshells in my hand. I can even see the thin membrane on the inside of the eggs. Wonderful!

And so, today we have a tie. These are both great painters whose work I’ve chosen as a favorite before. They certainly did not disappoint today! (Not that they ever do, mind you)

To see more of their daily paintings, and for possible purchase information, go to:

ORANGE by Barbara Kacicek


Today was a particularly difficult day of choosing, perhaps my hardest so far! But this orange is so luminescent that I had to pick it. Not because oranges are my favorite fruit, but because two of my favorite people are oranges! My bestest friend, Ericka, is an orange. Her favorite color, her kitchen, her hair (until quite recently), her personality- all the color orange! And, my fabulous step-mom, Thea is also an orange. A good friend of her’s has food/person associations. (I had never thought of/heard of this before! I love it!) To this friend, Thea is an orange. I’ve been infected with the same thought. When I saw this painting by Barbara Kacicek, this glowing and beautiful orange, I immediately thought of Ericka and Thea.  So, now there are two Oranges in my life!

But I can’t help myself, I’m going to have runners up today. In no particular order…

Norma Wilson

Edward B. Gordon

Olha Pryymak

Michael Naples