THREE’S A CROWD! But I’m doin’ it anyway…

Three picks today! In no particular order…

PEONIES FUCHSIA by Jonathan Aller

GRILLED SHRIMP by Oriana Kacicek

OXO by Vic Vicini

So, tell me… Which do you like best and why? Is it the vibrant peonies, the yummy shrimp, or the fun magazines??


I’ve added one to yesterday’s post because the shadow was so much fun!!


Don’t forget to check out Art in Life!!


11 thoughts on “THREE’S A CROWD! But I’m doin’ it anyway…

  1. The peony painting is very well done. I believe peonies are tricky to paint and this one says PEONY!

    Oriana has truly revealed all the goodness in her shrimp. Every little detail is perfect.

    At first glance the viewer of these three paintings might think that OXO, the magazines, was the easy one to paint. However, look at the subtle patina on the silver cups, ya gotta know what your doing to capture this! And I enjoyed the clever subject.

    Happy you gave us the chance to choose and happy I do not have to choose to do anything but enjoy your blog.

  2. I love the way you are showing these. I never did like the saying “threes a crowd”. The flowers are so beautiful.

  3. OK Rosa, I can see your dilemma. And they’re all so totally different! I love each in it’s own way and when I see all the daily painters you check in on it blows my mind that you can EVER come up with just one.

  4. I love Jonathan Aller’s fuchsia peonies. Love the cropped composition, and the light striking the peony front is amazing. Really gorgeous!

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