TOMATO COLORS by Jonathan Aller

Although these vibrant tomatoes are not moving, they are not static either! I feel like I could poke them gently and see the wrinkles on their smooth skin… How can something so simple be so powerful?

You can see this painting in process at

***************SPECIAL UPDATE***************

not static


ALICIA by Mary Maxam and APPLE WITH LEAVES by Michael Naples

Today, I am feeling soothed by these soft and lovely colors. Apparently Mary used an old technique called open grisaille to achieve this effect. Read more about it on her blog,

And as you may know, apples are my favorite fruit… and this one is perfection!! Man, I bet if I bit into it, it would be just as crisp as it looks! For more paintings from Michael, go to

Ps. James Coulter has posted another Great truck today!!

OVER THE TOP by Michael Naples

The composition of this painting is so unusual! I love the light streaming in so brightly, and that pinky hue at the top. You think this pear is ripe to eat??

To see more of Michael’s paintings, go to