Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

breast cancer awareness amulet charm by rosa linda kilgore jewelry

So, I’m offering my Breast Cancer Awareness Amulet on a 16 inch soft local deer leather necklace in a rich chocolatey brown-
For Just $39!!
Amulet is available in sterling silver or ancient bronze.
Makes a great gift! What better way to show loved ones recovering from, at risk of, or in the process of fighting breast cancer your support!


Love Letter to the Night Sea

Recently on a trip away from my current forest home to the central coast of California, I was reminded how much I love the sea. In particular, I love the night sea… During a long walk under the silvery moonlight with the waves crashing at my feet, I was inspired to create my latest collection- A Love Letter to the Night Sea

night sea collection by rosa linda kilgore

Upon seeing a sneak peak of this new collection, a friend of mine (who I consider to be a brilliant writer) was inspired as well…

A Love Letter To The Night Sea…

“Long afloat on shipless oceans
I did all my best to smile
’til your singing eyes and fingers
drew me loving to your isle
and you sang
sail to me…
sail to me…
let me enfold you”

-Song To The Siren

 The last image in the sailor’s eye, a dance of silver, a shimmering glint of abalone, of ocean and pearl.

 The power of wanderlust has brought her far from her own coastal home, and this homesickness for the Ocean is the essence of Rosa’s new collection, A Love Letter To The Night Sea. The romance between human and ocean has existed since the beginning of time. Greek mythology tells of the sirens, their beauty and the lure of their haunting song enticing sailors to crash their boats along the rocks of their jagged shores, lost to the depths forever. The Irish believed in the mythic half seal women, who left behind their rich seal skins to walk on land and take human lovers. But the call of the ocean often got the best of the Selkie brides, who abandoned their husbands and families. Unable to deny their one true love’s beckoning, they would return to the sea.

This collection is the relationship between the lovelorn and the sea. It is the moonlight on ocean, the glitter of the breakers in the distance. These pieces are the last tokens of love left, by the sea’s mysterious creatures, mementos of the broken hearted mermaids, who chose the tide over the lover.

Rosa has said that is the control of the silver, the ability to mold and bend it lovingly to her will, that is the part of the empowering and magical artistic process she is blessed to experience. Like the ocean that cuts away at earth, forging the coastline and its ancient beauty, each piece is a delicate seascape, a coastline of metal, crafted by that same passion and pull of the tide.


-Sasha LaPointe

Need a Helping Hand?


This sweet little amulet is here to help! Whether you’ve got wrist trouble, arthritis, or just need a hand with life’s troubles. This amulet will help keep you focused on your positive energy. Wear it around your neck or your wrist for a constant reminder that help is always near.

Makes a great gift! Let someone know you are always thinking of them and offering your support.1

The Helping Hand is available in sterling silver and ancient bronze. It can be worn alone, or paired with other amulets and stones to create a statement that tells the world who you are! Available on a variety of chain lengths or black or brown soft deer leather. I can add it to a bangle bracelet, as well.  Also available on a clasp so you can easily add it to a necklace or bracelet you already have!

Prices start at just $39!

To order, email or call 505-603-0519.


In other news…

After consistent troubles with the shopping cart of my website, I have decided to take down the entire site and do a total rebuild. This is going to take some time. So, please be patient. And rest assured, I’ll be wearing my Helping Hand as I work!

Don’t worry! I’ll still be taking and filling orders! You can place an order by emailing me at or by calling me at 505-603-0519.

There may even be an inventory blowout on the new site… So stay tuned. I’ll let you know when it’s finished!


“I do”

Getting married? Know someone who is?

Rosa Linda Kilgore Jewelry is now offering Bridesmaid Gifts. With so many letters, birthstones, and amulets to choose from, each necklace or bracelet can be personalized to perfection!

Check out available options at and then email me at to start building the perfect handmade bridesmaid gifts for your special ladies!

*Discount applies on orders of 3 or more necklaces or bracelets.*
**Custom orders are also available.**


Would you like to buy a vowel?

Introducing “Letters”

Each letter is available in Sterling Silver and Ancient Bronze. Using the ancient art of lost wax casting, and traditional metalsmithing techniques, I’ve created this collection with you in mind. And I will individually hand craft each piece ordered- just for you!


Mother’s Day is nearly here! A day for Moms, Step-Moms, Aunties, and Grandmas… Surprise her this Mother’s day with a personalized gift. Capture a moment in time with letters, stones and more!


Great alone or in a group! Pair it with your birthstone, spell your name or an inspirational word, or add it to an amulet bracelet or necklace.

Available on a variety of chains, leather, and silk… On a bangle, or a ring! Also available on a clasp so you can easily add it to a necklace or bracelet you already have!


Great for Grads too!

Celebrate the special people in your life with a special piece that will last a lifetime. Letters are a true classic. They can be worn with  everything! And with so many options available, you can easily create the perfectly customized gift!IMG_6470Photography by Audrey Anne Photography.

Want more ideas?
~Choose her first initial, birthstone, and amulet she’ll hold close to her heart.
~Create matching pieces, one for each of you
~Surprise a sorority sister, roommate or best friend with a bangle
~Create a tradition by adding a new letter, amulet, or stone each year

Welcome to Spring!

Spring is in the air and I’ve finished my Spring 2013 Collection, Desert Flower.

Today is the Vernal Equinox. The Vernal Equinox or ‘equal night’ is when the sun is over the equator, and there is about an equal amount of day and night all over the world. Then, as we head toward summer, we can enjoy longer days ahead! This means warmer weather, lighter layers of clothing, and the return of organic life to a frosty landscape.

I’ve been tucked away all winter in my forest studio working on my Desert Flower Spring Collection. Inspired by my time in Santa Fe and also by my childhood- filled with the awe of seeing beautiful flowers spring forth from cacti and other native desert plants. And now, I’m excited to share my vision with you!

Click on the image to check out all the Desert Flower jewelry and shop online!

desert flower spring collection by rosa linda kilgore