Travel Bug – Part 1 Doorways

I started off ready to do a post on how the travel bug has bitten me… again. I was going to share some accumulated and impersonal photos of beautiful places I’d like to go. But a few days ago, I found a camera that has been lost to me for two years! On that camera are the photos of a trip to Italy that I thought were gone forever. So I’ve decided to share those instead…

doorway 1a doorway 2a doorway 3a italy 3a

Going through these photos and preparing them to post is giving me an opportunity to relive such a wonderful trip. Next I’ll share the photos of how the kind people in a continually inhabited medieval village in the Roman countryside (where I was lucky enough to stay, in the home of a family friend) still make their own table wine. And yes, it tastes superb!


One thought on “Travel Bug – Part 1 Doorways

  1. Have you ever at any time had a really unforgettable glass
    of wine? What about a unforgettable bottle? Which was more critical to the encounter, the corporate or the
    wine by itself?

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