Amanda’s Paint Blog

Morning C“Morning C,” oil on linen board, 6″x12″

Amanda said:

Revisiting a favorite subject.  I have wanted to use this white linen tea towel in a still life for sometime.  It was all about getting the composition to work with the red stripe.  After more than a few challenging tries of pushing the towel around, rearranging the oranges, I found a setup that spoke to me… (click on the image to see the rest, and her blog)

I say: I’d hang that one in my kitchen for sure!

John Farnsworth (my pops) introduced me to this painting and this painter. Here’s what he said about it:

I like the graduated light and the road over the hills arrangement of the red stripe.

His daily painting today looked like this…

Indio by John Farnsworth

INDIO Oil on Panel / 6 x 6 Inches

I spent the day today at the Indio, California Dog Show. This thing is HUGE. I read somewhere that there are some 3500 participants. I could easily believe there are more. I’ll try to get more details tomorrow. Today, though, I got about 500 photographs (I hope that over time, that will result in ten paintings and five or six salvageable photographs [for his daily photograph blog]). I also managed this one painting of a Basset Hound that I call INDIO, from today’s shoot.

 I say: What a face!!


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