Rosa’s Picks

After unexpectedly taking about a year off (time flies!), I’m reinventing Rosa’s Picks and there are going to be quite a few changes.

I’ve left the family business to get back to my own personal passion. My own jewelry! As you may have noticed, I took some time off from Rosa’s Picks and have kept myself very busy! Over the past year, I have relocated and  changed the name of my business. I’ve built a small casting studio, created a new body of work, rebuilt my website, and started a Facebook page as well.

I want to make my basis broader and keep things very open and eclectic–with lots of room for exploration and complete freedom to do whatever moves my creativity… organic evolution.

If there is anything that you would like to see on the new Rosa’s Picks, I’d love to share it! If you’ve painted something that you think should be featured here, send me a link! If you’ve discovered a daily painter, painting, upcoming workshop, show, studio… Anything you would like to see on Rosa’s Picks, just send me a link to and I’d be happy to post it -with a link back to your site or blog, of course!! Let’s work together to make Rosa’s Picks fun again!!!

I hope that you will (continue to) follow me as Rosa’s Picks changes and grows!


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