ORCHARD DELIGHT by Deb Kirkeeide

Soft and sweet. I can just hear the crunch of this pretty apple!

To see more of Deb’s work, go to http://dkirkeeide.blogspot.com/

I never really had a favorite fruit until I read a few pages out of a book I found in my friend’s car. The book was called A Reverence for Wood. There is a section on apples and how Amazing they are! They are now my favorite fruit. I have thought about that book often over the last year. So, the other day I was in Taos with Thea and came across the book in a thrift store. I was soooo excited! I bought the book and have been enjoying it just as much as I thought I would…


5 thoughts on “ORCHARD DELIGHT by Deb Kirkeeide

  1. Okay, lessee…
    In Taos.
    In Taos with Thea.
    Went to thrift store in Taos with Thea.
    Found this *wonderful* book in thrift store in Taos with Thea.

    …not envious at all… ; )

    Love this painting. Thanks for sharing…again.

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