ANTIQUE SODA CAP by Michael Naples

The other day, a wonderful blog that I follow, called Do What You Love For Life, posted a photography tip. The tip was called “Rule of Thirds (the classic!)” It brought the rule of thirds to my attention and I am totally seeing it at work here! Apparently it works well for painting, too. I just think this is a wonderful composition!! And I thought this charming painting followed nicely on the heels of yesterday’s post. Just look at those wonderful ‘scars’ on the old soda crate!

To see more of Michael’s paintings, go to


And as an update to that gorgeous painting, The Visitor, on my Mega Post from the other day, I made a butterfly friend of my own last night!!

(Do you think I got carried away with the photo apps?!)



5 thoughts on “ANTIQUE SODA CAP by Michael Naples

  1. Love it. It is kind of like a visual koan or something.
    And as for your apps, which photo app did you use. I have several on my phone. That may be the main reason for my phone.

    • I used 100 Cameras in 1 by Trey Ratcliff for this one. I layered several filters. It’s a really cool and easy to use app. But I have lots of them in my phone- so addictive!!

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