Okay, I think this might be my most indecicive day Ever! I’m gonna need some help here. In no particular order… Which one do you vote for??

PEONY / 8×8 inches / M Collier

MONKEY IN THE CORNER / 8×8 inches / Robin J Mitchell

THE ARTIST’S DOG / 5.9×5.9 inches / Edward B. Gordon

PEACE ON A BRANCH / 18×36 inches / Tim Gagnon

THE VISITOR / 6×6 inches / Jacqueline Gnott

CALORIE COUNTER / 6×6 inches / Karin Jurick

THE ANT / 16×16 inches / Suzanne Berry


14 thoughts on “WHAT A DAY!! I JUST CAN’T DECIDE…

  1. I love most everything Karen Jurick does but in this case I choose Peace on a Branch.
    I think what really seals the deal for me on this one is all the head/sky space above. A peaceful expression of contentment with room for expansion.

  2. I love the ant and Peace on a Branch. I love the background of Peace on a Branch too. Love how the background blurs out just like using the macro setting on a camera in The Visitor as well. Love little details like that!

  3. These are really beautiful, no wonder it’s hard for you to pick just one! I love the Peony and the butterfly paintings. ‘Peace on a branch’ is fabulous, too!

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  5. Tried, but cannot choose just one.
    I’m gonna have to stick with likeing them all!
    …that peony is amazing…but I stared at Peace on a Branch for a while longer…
    Thanks so much for bringing all these to us!

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