Can it be?! Has it already been a year? Yep! One year ago today, my father joined the daily painting movement. Having been a full time painter for about the last four decades (longer than I’ve been alive!) this wasn’t much of a stretch for him. What is different, though, is the size of these little paintings. Every day he paints a 6×6 inch oil painting. This is quite a bit smaller than his usual works- including a 20×30 foot mural!! He says the freedom ofย  these little paintings is offering the most fun he’s had in years. Happy Birthday, Pops!



  1. I think I now have 5 – it would be more if $ flowed like water but I adore the ones I have. ! Its a crazy, fun, wild and wonderful world. I’ve become a daily vision collector, and I have chronic “wantski’s” for many. A better addiction than many other things I can think of.

  2. Happy Anniversary Farnsworth-a-day and thankyou for your inspiration John. You are a find example to us all of carving out your own life and shaping it in a way that suits and expresses YOU. In doing so, you enrich us all.

  3. Happy Birthday. This is and has been a great way to remember and keep in touch. May the next year be better. Love all of you so very much.

  4. It was a better year for me because of the “little gems”. Hope you have had as much fun doing them as I have had seeing them!

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