MARKET LIGHTS by Robin Weiss

That truck heading down under the neon sign just draws my eye into the painting! It makes me feel like I’m headed over to the Athenian for a frosty mug and a look out over the Sound! I can just smell the market and hear the buzz of this busy hot spot. I love Seattle and can’t wait to go for another visit!! But for now, enjoying this painting is good enough for me!

To see more plein air paintings by Robin, go to


Congratulations to Becky Joy on being invited to join Daily Painters!!


7 thoughts on “MARKET LIGHTS by Robin Weiss

  1. Thanks for picking my painting Rosa!!! I just returned from a week serving as a cabin counselor at Camp High Rock….A summer camp for kids off the Yakima Indian reservation…..This was a nice surprise to come home to!!

  2. I immediately recognized this place. The first time I went was in the fall when the weather was rainy and cold…there was not a soul in the place. That was much different when I went back years later in the summer and I could barely walk through he crowd. Seattle is beautiful, and so far away; the perfect escape.

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