I can smell that sweet burned smell of campfire and toasty marshmallow! Can’t you just feel yourself carefully pulling one of these off the hot stick and popping it into your mouth! It’s making me drool to write this!! If only I could ever get my marshmallows this perfectly toasted! Mine always end up closer to charred!! What about you?

For more of Oriana’s amazing work, go to


8 thoughts on “TOASTED MARSHMALLOWS by Oriana Kacicek

  1. Photorealism + food + hunger has done it again. Heading for a late night snack because of this one Rosa (plus your description didn’t help either lol). Like it a lot.

  2. Wow, Oriana has a beautiful collection of painted food objects on her page. And I would really like to know how she managed to roast these marshmallows to perfection when mine always resemble a piece of coal?

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