COWBOY GEAR by Gena LaCoste

COWBOY GEAR by Gena LaCoste

Gena said “…Maybe it’s the texture….the handcarving in this saddle, the suede of these chaps, the rough-woven saddle pads, the basket stamping on the breast collar…” To read the rest of Gena’s lovely description of this Fabulous painting, go to

And the paintings below are not the most recent posts by Raymond Logan and Kim Blair, but I wanted to share them with you anyway!!

OLD PHILCO RADIO by Raymond Logan

ORANGE ICE by Kim Blair


6 thoughts on “COWBOY GEAR by Gena LaCoste

  1. They sure dont make saddles like the one you are showing these days. Those flowers are really pretty. I could almost smell them when looking at them. I am glad that artists have made pictures of things of the past. It helps us remember how things were in the past when looking at them.

  2. Love the flower… strong colors. 🙂
    It’s been a hectic week and I’m now catching up with everyone.
    Happy July 4th weekend to you! 🙂

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