PRICKLY PEAR MARGARITA by Oriana Kacicek and… Give-Away Winner!

I could use a nice cold drink today! It’s been so hot and the fires burning are filling the air with smoke! The normally bright blue sky of Northern New Mexico looks more like the smog filled sky over a big city! This margarita looks so cool and crisp! I could just drink it up! Cheers!!

**********And for my Give-Away from last week**********

I wrote all of your names down on little pieces of paper and drew one out of the hat…

(please note Sugarfoot always at my feet!
also, please note that I did Not realize I was going to be
having my picture taken today when I got dressed this morning!)

The winner is……….. Peggy!!

Peggy and her husband, Conrad,  are the owners of Trillium Woods Pleasure Horses in Homer, Michigan. Last year, they commissioned my father, John Farnsworth, to paint a large painting of their six adult horses. Trillium Six is an amazingly beautiful painting and a whopping 36 x 72 inches! (I did the math, that’s 3 feet by 6 feet!!)

Congratulations to you, Peggy!! I’ll get those Farnsworth Note Cards in the mail to you in the next couple of days!!


6 thoughts on “PRICKLY PEAR MARGARITA by Oriana Kacicek and… Give-Away Winner!

  1. Wow! Thanks, Rosa. How terrific to have some more Farnsworth magic in our home! We love Trillium Six – it is like having some of our best friends in the house. John is such a talented artist and it is a privilege to own such an exceptional piece of his work.

    I enjoy your blog a lot. I open John’s daily e-mail first in the morning and yours first in the evening! Thanks for telling us about all these wonderful artists.

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