PB&J by Duane Keiser

Talk about a classic! The peanut butter and jelly sandwich… Now all I need is a cold glass of Almond Milk! I’m loving the soft colors of this painting, and that boysenberry jam dripping out of bottom piece, yum! No, it’s not grape. It’s boysenberry. I’m just sure of it!

I just watched the video How to Make a PB&J at http://duanekeiser.blogspot.com/ and it was Great! At one point, the painting goes from some lines on a page to actual pieces of bread! It’s really worth watching the whole video!!

But I sure am ready for my snack!


11 thoughts on “PB&J by Duane Keiser

  1. Rosa. I know you know that Duane is the creator of ‘A Painting A Day’. But did you check out the ice cream cone video on You Tube? Great fun to watch! Thanks for your blog.

  2. This is really great. I wonder how old this American tradition is. I loved eating them as a child and still like them. Brings back good memories in time.

  3. Thanks for the link – what a cool video. I’m loving watching art tutorials at the moment so I will add that one to my list! Rosa – off topic – do you make your own almond milk? This place often makes me hungry lol (as well as admiring the beautiful art works of course!)

  4. Sometimes I just have a yen for a PB&J and nothing else will satisfy that yen! It also tastes great with a glass of homemade coconut milk 🙂 This is such as lucious painting! I’m headed for the bread right now!!!

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