Daily painter Qiang-Huang made a major announcement today on his blog. He is going Full Time!! Because Rosa’s Picks is dedicated to the fun of looking at a lot of paintings every day and picking my favorite, I am not often caught off guard or brought to tears. But his post today did both! I got tears in my eyes reading about the decision, that a man I have never even met, has made! His post includes a charming photo of him at his former job as an engineer, as well as some tearjerking words!  To read his beautiful words, and see his lovely paintings, go to

What a wonderful leap to take. I wish you every great success in your endeavors, Qiang-Huang!! Cheers!



  1. Isn’t it nice when a complete stranger can make you so happy. Even though you don’t know him, you’ve followed and connected with him through his art. Very nice. Congratulations Qiang !

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