Wow. Today was a hard day! There are so many paintings that I wanted to pick!! I’ve narrowed it down to five!! But I can’t make a caption for each because I’m running late to get ready for a opening at a local gallery tonight! Which is your ‘pick’?


13 thoughts on “READERS’ CHOICE

  1. I think i like the bathtub… i like the old worn cotton towel, and the light shining through the window. It makes me think of having a good bath, and a favorite worn nubby towel to dry off with. Plus, it is simple, and suggests a very quiet, personal, and meditative moment.


    • Great comment, Cindy! And I checked your website and love your work! If you ever start a blog, let me know and I’ll follow your work… Thanks for stopping by!

  2. THE ROAD – I take the evening highway. Speaks to me. Driving into the sunset. Looks like so many solitary contemplative driving trips I’ve taken driving West.

  3. I like them all, but I like “Cross Country” by Marla a lot! I looked at her other work on her site and I am so impressed. Amazing! Thanks for introducing these artists to us Rosa. It gives my day some extra depth when I come to your site.

  4. Rosa..I always love to see what you pick…and what a lovely surprise to see that my “Restore” was amongst these fantastic works. Thank you..and thank you to Cindy for the kind words.

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