53 GREENE ST. NYC by Stephen Magsig

At first I picked this painting because it reminded me what I love about the city. But then after I really looked at it, I was even more impressed! So, subject matter aside… Without being a photorealist painting, it has all the detail and ‘juice’ of a photo. But with the soul of a painting!

To see more of Stephen’s paintings, and for possible purchase information, go to http://myartspage.blogspot.com/


7 thoughts on “53 GREENE ST. NYC by Stephen Magsig

  1. I really like this painting and it kind of goes with my Post today about being intrigued and captivated by the abandoned places and what may lie behind their doors waiting to be discovered and where Time looks as if it has stood still after all the people left during the era of abandonment!?

    So I’m winning the Best Shopper Award… whoo hoo! *Winks* The Man is thankful that I’ve taken up Photography as a new hobby and Art Form so that mostly I’m ‘shopping’ for images now to capture through the eyes of the lens and share here in the Land Of Blog… much cheaper than Retail Therapy *LOL*… though walking away from some of the Lovelies is sometimes challenging…

    Dawn… The Bohemian

  2. This is stunning! I love the fact that it’s not a photograph. I would most definitely hang this in my home. And yes, it has a nostalgic feel to it, yet I hop by places that look like this everyday.

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