SHELF LIFE by Lisa Daria

“When it rains, it pours.” I didn’t know what in the world that meant for years! This is such a charming painting of two kitchen classics…

To see more of Lisa’s paintings, go to


5 thoughts on “SHELF LIFE by Lisa Daria

  1. It’s the Morton Salt Girl! I’m from Chicago where they have the Morton Salt factory. It’s right off the highway on the way to downtown, I’ve passed it a million times. There’s a giant mural of the the salt girl and the slogan on the side of the building.
    I think that’s a jar of vanilla in the image. I am a fab bunny baker, so I know vanilla when I see it! I love this style of painting. What is this style called Rosa?

  2. Sorry to hear you didn’t have nearly enough pleasure time while here in Arizona… perhaps on your next visit you can kick back and have more time to yourself?

    This painting reminds me a bit of a Warhol piece…

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