Three Picks Today!

Sorry I’ve been a little out of touch! I’ve been in Northern Arizona and not near a computer for a few days… So, to make it up to you I thought I’d pick Three today!


I’m loving the looseness of this painting! The soft, but vibrant colors and light pen strokes… Who would have guessed that these were tulips?!

To see more of Kim’s paintings, go to

FOR WENDY by Oriana Kacicek

Pure, beautiful white slippers with twirling ribbons… But my favorite part is the ‘used’ inside of the shoe! I can just imagine the lovely movements that were made in these shoes!!

For more of Oriana’s paintings, go to

SATURNIIDAE by Duane Keiser

I have always loved those boxes with various beetles and bugs stuck on pins with little labels. This painting captures the amazement of the naturalist’s box with such a lovely palette! I particularly love the pale green blue moth on the top!

To see more of Duane’s paintings, go to Also, check out his oddments, they are quite charming!


I just had lunch with my cousin. He is married to one of the most feminine, lovely women I know! I guess I felt inspired by her über-femininity! 


Which one is your favorite??


7 thoughts on “Three Picks Today!

  1. I also keep going back to the toe shoes. I cannot believe that is a painting. I wanted to enlarge it just to see a brush stroke.

  2. I was wondering where you have been! All these are great but I really like Kim’s tulips. I love the colors in the painting. I don’t know why, but It reminds me of some 1970’s paintings I’ve seen.

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  4. Now that my comments are showing up again, I will finally be able to post what I wanted to!
    I’m a big lover of dance and music, so the ballet shoes are definitely my favorite of these three!
    I also love the first one though…it kind of reminds me of a tattoo!

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