A Waterfall and a Stalking Coyote

I know that this post is a little off base of what I usually post. Well, okay, way off base. But I was so inspired by a fellow blogger’s beautiful photos and words about her walk that I wanted to share mine too! Now, her photos are much more artistic than mine, I realize. But, you can check hers out at athoughtfuleye.wordpress.com/.

Sugarfoot and I went for a walk last night just at the beginning of dusk. It was drizzling out so we were the only ones out walking around. I suppose because there was less activity on the trail than usual, this pretty little coyote decided to start her evening activities early. I’ve seen her once before and I’m pretty sure that she has babies tucked beneath one of these thickets. She saw us, probably way before we saw her, and started following us! She followed us for about half a block before ‘nature called’  to Sugarfoot and we stopped. She got surprisingly close and sat down! They stared into each others for about two minutes before I realized how wet we were getting and headed home… I hope you enjoy the photos!


14 thoughts on “A Waterfall and a Stalking Coyote

  1. That’s so funny to me because it looks very similar to my walk in the woods with my grandsons, that I recently posted. The only thing missing on my walk was a coyote… that would have done me in.
    I am such a priss!

  2. Lovely blog Rosa & thanks for sharing. My bro-in-law has working cattle dogs, and one in particular had coyote friends. I worried about that because lots of times coyotes will gang up on a dog and kill him, but Daniel told me not to worry about the coyote following the dog as we moved cattle. Sure enough, they had a little romp together and then the coyote just parked him(her)-self and watched us.I spend a lot of time wondering about what goes on in animals brains and lives and suspect it’s a lot more interesting than we even dream.
    Am enjoying your blog so much Rosa. Thanks for what you do!

    • Oh, I would love for Sugarfoot to be able to have a romp with her! But they’ll just have to look from a distance. Thanks for the sweet comment, Gena!

  3. Where do you walk? You are so lucky to be surrounded by the beauty within nature. I try to stay as far away from coyotes as possible because, well, they are way above me on the food chain! They are really beautiful creatures.

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