This tiny painting (just 4×4 inches!) has such amazing detail! That bee could sting me!

To see more of Collier’s paintings, go to


6 thoughts on “BLACKBERRY BLOSSOM AND BEE by M. Collier

  1. Wow, that is amazing for a 4×4 painting! The father of a friend of mine does tiny oil paintings and they are amazing. I used to be more comfortable painting small, but once I started doing murals I found it impossible to paint small again. I do appreciate it though!

  2. This is my third time at your blog, but first time commenting. Yesterday, I spent a long time looking at the art here and linking over to the artists and then I forgot to comment! It’s really cool to have a place to look at paintings every day.
    As for the bee painting, it’s amazing how the artist captured the wrinkles of shadows on the petals. Bees are such cool creatures, I love watching them live. They are beautiful with a tinge of danger.

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