All of this information in a 6×6 painting! What a beautiful, soft, yet powerful painting. That delicate little cracked blue egg is so sweet. And the downy feather left behind… Jeanne’s brushstrokes perfectly captured the twigs of this lovely nest.

To see more of Jeanne’s daily paintings, go to (Seriously, check out her website, this painting is soooo affordable!!)


10 thoughts on “NEST WITH FEATHER & BROKEN BLUE EGG by Jeanne Illenye

    • Oh thank you so very much, Rosa, for featuring my latest bird’s nest painting! I’m thrilled that it’s the first painting sold on your beautiful new blog! Thank you too, to your lovely followers who have commented here and to Melissa for purchasing this charming oil painting from my “Little Gems” collection. Lovely to meet you all and sincere thanks! Best wishes, Jeanne ILLENYE

  1. Oh I just love this painting! This is something I would have gracing my walls at Home.
    Thanks for stopping by my ‘Down Time’ Post… just spent almost $1,200 on car repairs… and it’s still an old hooptie… but that will limp it along ’til I can afford something better. *le sigh* Car payments just isn’t in the budget right now and this one is paid for so I’m hesitant to take on car debt, you know. But, yes, I’m certainly enjoying my feathered nest right now as I lament the high cost of repairing anything! *LOL*

    Dawn… The Bohemian

  2. You really do take after your father. I love this picture. I am enjoying John’s now I can enjoy yours too. I am really excited about this.

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