Look at those iridescent wings! What a regal looking bird. And, Rita captured those feathers so well! What’s your favorite bird?

To see more of Rita’s daily paintings, and for possible purchase information, go to


9 thoughts on “BERRIES FOR BREAKFAST by Rita Kirkman

  1. My fav bird would have to be the Peacock. And I’m still smiling over your comment on my “One That Got Away Post”… cat wee… that would be sacrilege on a $38,000 Persian Carpet! *Gasp* But it could explain why the opening bid was so low??? *winks*

    Dawn… The Bohemian

  2. I suppose it would be Finches, Sparrows (my husband calls them little beggars – in a nice way), and Mocking Birds. All for different reasons – like the mocking bird for instance – what a superb repertoire of songs. It’s like a chorus… I like crows and ravens as well, very smart birds btw… Robins if up North.

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