I can hear the cars driving down that wet road, and smell the rain in the air. What a beautifully painted morning!

V… said:

We left Enid at sunrise the next morning and I caught this glimpse down the street near our hotelI got some interesting comments from the blog, the Group-mail and facebook about yesterday’s post on Enid. I was told that it was called a gathering place of “bad luck”….from… click here for the rest of this story!

7 thoughts on “NEXT MORNING- ENID by V…Vaughan

  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting Just One Donna. I love the idea of a picture a day. Thanks for sharing your favorites. Good luck with your new pooch. A name will come to you and it will the “right” one!

  2. THANK YOU, ROSA!, I am HONORED! I JUST LOVE THIS IDEA ….and GOD bless you for rescuing the handsome dog! He looks like the dog in my favorite book. A true story by W. Phillip Keller called “Lessons From a Sheepdog”. The dog, Laddy, was rescued from an abusive place. When they got home, he bolted from the car, and disappeared, and Keller let him go free on the farm. It’s a beautiful story of Lad’s return to trust….READ IT if you can!!!….So, I suggest the name, Lad or Laddy 🙂

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