Coy are so amazingly beautiful! I love the way Nancy captured the movement and strength of this big beefy fish! And what colors!!

To see more of Nancy’s daily paintings, go to

**Personal Note**

I have decided once and for all that I am ready to have a dog again. I went to the humane society here in town yesterday to adopt one, but didn’t find exactly what I’m looking for. Maybe next weekend! Since dogs are at the front of my mind right now, I thought I’d share some wonderful dog paintings with you…

SARGE by Gena LaCoste

TRAPPER JOHN by Carolyn Finnell

SCRUFFY by Kimberly Kelly Santini


And the best for last…

FEISTY by John Farnsworth

Feisty was a beautiful Papillion that my Grandmother rescued. She gave him to me when I was a young girl. He was a great little dog and a wonderful companion! This 22×30″ watercolor now hangs in my home so that I can continue to live with Feisty every day.



10 thoughts on “BACK FIELD IN MOTION by Nancy Everett

  1. Cool pic, Rosa! Love the coy coy. And have fun selecting a dog at the Humane Society. Good for you adopting one there rather than supporting a puppy mill! 😀

  2. I will never have anything but a rescue ever. We’ve rescued 4 cockapoos and they are the sweetest dogs I’ve ever had. You never know what you’ll get, because there’s no pedigree, and sometimes they guess at the mix, but I’ve never been disappointed.
    Our Sydney we got when she was 2 1/2 from a girl in Orange County. She had been diagnosed w/ epilepsy and she was hard to place. We took her and have never looked back. This past winter she went into complete liver failure. We were sure we’d lose her… no way! She fought back and beat it! The vet at the hospital said, “I’ve seen 18 cases, 1 survived.” Well now it’s 2!
    The unconditional love of animals cannot be duplicated. You will never regret rescuing a dog. They are so very grateful.
    Didn’t mean to go on and on… but I am passionate about animals and I do pet portraits, too.
    Love the Koi! great capture… no pun intended.

  3. Are these fish catching dogs? lol … kidding! That fish looks focused on his escape. I do like the selection of dog paintings. I grew up with dogs and now like having cats at home. 🙂

  4. oh, you will love having a dog again!!!..they are so loving and sweet…and good for you to get one from the shelter…I had rescued 2 greyhounds from the tracks a long time back…beautiful happy dogs…
    …and the coy painting is one of my favorite subjects….

    • We had two rescued whippets when I was really little. Great dogs, but they couldn’t be left home alone! One even figured out how to open the back door and leave no matter what we did. He had a second home down the road. We’d come home to a message from those same people almost every day to come pick up our dog!

  5. Rosa I hope you’ll let us all in on it when you do get your dog….photos please. I have a rescue kitty (Possum) who I found living in a culvert. I adore her and she me. She is grateful every single day for her home with me.
    Thanks for posting “Sarge” to your blog, and for your daily due diligence. Love your picks every time!

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