VACANCY by Gerald Schwartz

W.O.W. There is an amazing amount of information in this little painting!! And I absolutely love the glowing sunset! What a bright and wonderful painting.

I love old roadside motels. I had always hoped to find one with the quarter machine vibrating bed. Not because I want to lie on a vibrating bed, particularly. In fact, I’d probably Hate it! But it just seemed like such an old time classic like I’d see in the movies. I haven’t given up on the mission… but my enthusiasm has waned!

To see more of Gerald’s paintings, and for possible purchase information, go to


11 thoughts on “VACANCY by Gerald Schwartz

  1. Great pick, Rosa! Like you, I love the sunset. Unlike you, I’ve pushed a quarter in a slot of a vibrating bed . . . it jiggled my giggling self onto the floor.

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