FLY TYING III by Mary Maxam

Before I realized what this is a painting of exactly, I already loved it! The colors are wonderful, and those soft feathery bits are so feminine! Then I realized it is a painting of a fly tying table- even better!! In high school, I fly fished. And, I loved to tie my own flies! So, this painting speaks to me on several levels…

To see more of Mary’s daily paintings, go to


8 thoughts on “FLY TYING III by Mary Maxam

  1. WONDERFUL, love the colors as well Rosa… In regards to the fish, I love eating them and heard that fly fishing is an art in itself and streams (no pun intended) along with a no-mind state like painting. Nice pairing I’d say. I’m already sighing deeply and relaxing.

  2. gorgeous colors…am a little familiar with fly tying as my former husband was a fly fisher and also tied his own flies…I miss fishing, actually…

  3. Hi Rosa, I’ve been away and just caught your post! Thank you so much, I am thrilled to be included in such a wonderful company of painters. I will link to you and post your wonderful site. Again, thanks – I can’t wait to see your next pick 🙂

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