BLOOMING ONION by Carol Carmichael

Unfortunately, the name of this piece brought to mind the Outback Steakhouse commercial, with the Bloomin’ Onions! As I write this, I have an Australian accent in my mind… But the painting is wonderful! I love the contrast between the bright reds of the onion with the cool colors of the bowl!

To see more of Carol’s daily paintings and for possible purchase information, go to


6 thoughts on “BLOOMING ONION by Carol Carmichael

    • Thanks for stopping by, Carol! It wasn’t a lame name at all! It must be very difficult to come up with names for daily paintings- not a task I would want! The important thing is, it’s a great painting!

  1. Hi Rosa, I have recently joined in the Mega Blog Hop and came across your blog. I really like the Daily Painting posts. It has been some time since I painted. Most of my work is digital art. I am looking forward to spending time on your blog and see the lovely work presented.
    Carol this is a very nice painting, I love the texture and the color.

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