KEY #7 by Todd Bonita

Is this the key of a long ago latchkey kid? Does it open the door to someone’s collection of treasures? The key to someone’ heart? I love keys! They can be so mysterious… What does this key say to you?

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6 thoughts on “KEY #7 by Todd Bonita

  1. I have a few old keys like that. This gorgeous painting makes me want to put one on a chain to wear around my neck. It also reminds me of Fogelberg’s song:

    Here is a key to a house far away
    Where I used to live as a child
    They tore down the building when I moved away
    And left the key unreconciled.

    Thanks, Rosa

  2. Rosa,
    Thanks so much for posting my oil painting, very sweet of you. I appreciate the kind words. It was a nice ego stroke for me to find in my email inbox today LOL. All my best to you.
    Todd Bonita

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