Something terrible has happened. My pristine opinion has been breached (too dramatic?). Someone who shall remain nameless told me their favorite painting today and why. It has infected me! Every painting that I liked today, I was comparing with The Other Person’s favorite painting! It’s not that I don’t like the painting. In fact, I do! Kathy really captured the moment well in paint. The colors are wonderful. The charming body language of this woman leaning in for a closer look is marvelous! It’s a very charming painting. And who can’t relate to wishing they could get ‘just a little closer’ when looking at a painting?! So, I picked it! Phew. But please, no more outside opinions. I’m far too easily influenced…

To see more of Kathy’s daily paintings, and for possible purchase information, go to


3 thoughts on “ART APPRECIATION by Kathy Weber

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