ORANGE by Barbara Kacicek


Today was a particularly difficult day of choosing, perhaps my hardest so far! But this orange is so luminescent that I had to pick it. Not because oranges are my favorite fruit, but because two of my favorite people are oranges! My bestest friend, Ericka, is an orange. Her favorite color, her kitchen, her hair (until quite recently), her personality- all the color orange! And, my fabulous step-mom, Thea is also an orange. A good friend of her’s has food/person associations. (I had never thought of/heard of this before! I love it!) To this friend, Thea is an orange. I’ve been infected with the same thought. When I saw this painting by Barbara Kacicek, this glowing and beautiful orange, I immediately thought of Ericka and Thea.  So, now there are two Oranges in my life!

But I can’t help myself, I’m going to have runners up today. In no particular order…

Norma Wilson

Edward B. Gordon

Olha Pryymak

Michael Naples


14 thoughts on “ORANGE by Barbara Kacicek

  1. Wow! What a fantastic painting … I love oranges! A truly original theme for a blog – I didn’t realize there were so many daily painters and the work is outstanding! Your father’s work is Amazing!
    Debbie 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the baby swans

    • Thank you! Yes, there are many more daily painters than this even! I hope you will pick your favorites and watch some yourself! It is such a joy to see these new little paintings come into the world each day!

  2. Rosa, You are an angel! I saw your name everywhere; checking in and supporting your fellow bloggers. That is truly what a blog hop is about. Thank you for your zeal! 🙂
    By the way,
    We did well. 20 brave souls signed on; do check them out and comment back… Awesome!
    Thanks again for linking up on the blog hop and see you soon. 🙂
    Have an abundant year!

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  4. tremendous idea, but choosing must be really hard, my vote ? is for norma wilson 🙂 cheers alan
    p.s, i don’t know what colour i am, maybe grey, maybe white, maybe green, it depends on the last meal 😉

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