Nice, France VI by Keiko Tanabe

Keiko said:
Nice just glows at sunset. If you look from the top of the hill east of the Old Town, a sweeping view of this beautiful city reveals orange rooftops of the buildings, mile after mile. Brightened by the last rays of sunlight, they seem to be almost burning.

For this small painting, I zoomed in on the section of the Old Town where the majestic Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate stands. Things are quiet up on the hill as a night approaches, but down there in many restaurants and cafés it’s going to be another busy night.

To see more of Keiko’s daily paintings, go to


2 thoughts on “Nice, France VI by Keiko Tanabe

  1. Beautiful and romantic… Did she do this from memory or from a picture. I love the depth of perception here. 🙂 Rosa, i have to say i enjoy coming here to enjoy a moment of art. It is a wonderful respite from the routine… Thank you 🙂

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