Raymond said:
The trio of 6x6s have one thing in common: forced perspective. If I placed these little items far enough away to achieve this perspective, I would need eagle eyes to see the darn things. So, I forced it. Through the use of my superhuman powers I bent reality to obey my will. I am PAINTMAN! Just humor me – I’m actually harmless and my self esteem needs the boost.

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4 thoughts on “ANSCO CADET CAMERA by Raymond Logan

  1. Dear Rosa,
    Thank you so much for featuring my painting and my inane commentary on your blog. I also appreciate your comments about painting that particular piece larger – we’ll see. It’s all funny to me because I almost did not paint that painting. You have made me happy I did.
    Take care.
    – Raymond/3

  2. That looks like a camera form the 1950s or so… really cool! He did a terrific job capturing all the tiny details on the camera.. I love the colors and the texture too. See, I am catching on Rosa.
    Keep it coming! 🙂

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