HAULIN’ PEARS by Linda McCoy

Linda said:

This little truck is someone’s history. Who knows who it belonged to, how many family members played with it or what their life was like growing up. I wonder about vintage things, they come to us bearing the baggage of their past but they don’t tell. Ah, but the wear marks are telling. This truck was made by MARS. Probably in the 30’s sometime and it was really played with. The yellow is still pretty bright despite its age but some of the rusty areas are worn to the steel. Must have been left out under the porch during rainstorms.

I started this painting in summer before our pears ripened.

I have to go, there’s an episode of American Pickers on. Or is it Antique Roadshow?

10″X20″ Oil on gallery wrapped canvas  Copyright 2011
$300.00 lindamccoyart@live.com for additional info

You can check out Linda’s blog at http://lindamccoyart.blogspot.com/


One thought on “HAULIN’ PEARS by Linda McCoy

  1. Very lovely painting… These style of trucks are quite popular in west Africa and I have a couple I collected too. The colors are quite special in that they are not necessarily bright but give an old world feel to the piece.
    Thanks for stopping by today. I am glad to be your buddy too and have added your blog to my Team We♥Wordpress group. It’s a way I keep track of who is in the group so I can support them. I also subscribe to each blog by email. It makes it easier for me to comment wherever I am. I look forward to reading your posts too.

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