This rooster has got character! The gleam in his, the strut in his step. Norma really captured the charm of this rooster in paint!

Norma said:

In dreams, the Rooster is considered a time-keeper and is a sign of time passing in our lives. Hearing a Rooster’s voice in our dreams may indicate we need a wake-up call, and need to pay attention to some circumstances in our lives. Seeing a brilliantly plumed Rooster in our dreams indicates it is time to let others discover our true selves, and strut our stuff (show our talents) to others.
I thought this was an appropriate symbol as we are on the verge of another year’s
passage.  For many it is a time to look back at what has transpired in the previous year and also to set new goals or perhaps dust off some old goals and begin anew putting our best foot forward!  Hope you have a safe and Happy New Year!


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