HAPPY by Dreama Tolle Perry

Dreama said:

“When we fall in love, what we fall in love with, is the way that person makes us feel about ourselves when we are with them.”
I overheard this statement many years ago and have never forgotten it.  The reason?  Because I felt its truth then and have personally found it to be true in the time that has since passed from when I first heard it.
I have been in the presence of many people since then.  Sometimes I have left, feeling somewhat akin to a rat –no count, lazy, stupid, slacker, wanna be, ugly, old, dumb.  But then, there are those spirits, those people, that in their presence I felt like the cat’s pajamas.  I felt smart, witty, attractive, engaging, worthwhile, capable, and …well….LOVED!  And this came from people that I had sometimes just met all the way to those who have known me many years.  They just had that intense sparkle in their eyes, they “heard” me!  They didn’t have to spend hours with me or give me gifts.
What they did, knowingly or unknowingly, was give the best of themselves to me–they saw me through the eyes of love and thus allowed me to see myself that way.  And I left their presence walking taller, feeling like I could do the things I dreamed of.
With one year ending and another beginning, thanks to each of you who have made me feel “taller” while  in your presence this year.
You have given the best gift of all.  The gift of making another feel good about themselves.  And that is the  gift of love.

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